Pre-Pre Drywall Walkthrough 7/3

Seeing that the framing is finished, and noticing that the HVAC stuff was no longer on the first floor, we asked our project manager, Earl Berry if we could take a quick walk through the house this afternoon.

Earl obliged and this allowed us to snap some great pics of the home without any plumbing, and without any electric as of yet.

We still have concerns about the lot conditions, both our lot and the adjacent lots as once we pay all that dough and move in, we will probably have very little input as to how all that goes. Sent an email to the developer to deal with the neighboring hill/mound, the boulder garden, the plugged up catch basin, and the broken water pipes dumped out back. The ground has gotten dry over the past week, so it should hold a heavy dozer now.

Virginia and I pointed out several situations with a hole in the exterior sheeting, a split floor joist member, a cracked/split stairboard going down to the basement, and a really amusing stud that was cut to make room for plumbing in the basement bathroom. Granted, Earl hadn’t been in yet, and has not inspected anything so these were all new things for him as well. We figure they will all be dealt with by pre-drywall meeting, now scheduled for Friday July 12th at 11am.

On to the beautiful bean footage.

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