Welcome to Ryan Homes

So, Ryan Homes does catch a lot of heat on the review sites. I am not listing out all of the reasons why some people don’t like Ryan Homes. My father and father-in-law both built Ryan Homes that they were happy with, so let’s go!

Why did we choose Ryan Homes? One reason. Value. We were able to get twice the amount of square footage per dollar spent than a custom home builder could provide. For the family of giants that we are, having a high quality, small home does nothing for us. We needed room, and Ryan provides. So, let’s see how this goes.

Ryan Homes provided a huge dump of info to us. It looks to be really great info for the first time home buyer. As we’ve owned several homes prior to this, it really didn’t mean much to us. But hey. Here it is!

New Homeowner’s Guide_1_Who We Are

New Homeowner’s Guide_2_Getting Started

New Homeowner’s Guide_3_Obtaining Your Mortgage with NVRM

New Homeowner’s Guide_4_Construction of Your Home

New Homeowner’s Guide_5_Closing on Your Home

New Homeowner’s Guide_6_What to Expect After Closing

New Homeowner’s Guide_7_Glossary of Terms

New Homeowner’s Guide_8_Homeowners Warranty

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