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So, if you’ve ever wanted to hear the phrase “this is not a custom build” or “we are a production builder”, then you’ll be really excited to go through with your Pre-Drywall Meeting.

I’ve done a number of kitchen and bathroom remodels, and have always used that green backer drywall vs. the standard drywall because of it’s ability to prevent mold and mildew growth on the drywall substrate. To find out that “Production Builders” don’t use the green (or purple) backed drywall in the bathrooms or kitchen was suprising.

I also learned about the extent of what Ryan Homes inspects and what they don’t inspect.

  1. Ryan Homes and their project manager inspects and takes care of the foundation and framing of the house.
  2. Ryan Homes and their project manager does NOT inspect the fitness or suitability of the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, roof, or gas installation. If you are missing an AC outlet, they will let the electrician know, but they will not “inspect” what was done. When asked “who inspected the roof after it was installed” our project manager replied, “nobody”. This is why we are now REALLY interested in getting a serious tradesman in to inspect the house before closing.
  3. County inspectors really only check to make sure that the house is standing. We’ve seen them take between 3 and 5 minutes inspecting a 4,000 sq. ft home.

We’ve been told that lots of testing occurs on our home. Plumbing pressure test, HVAC pressure test, building seal pressure test, however we haven’t heard how any of those tests faired. Apparently they just keep fixing things until the tests quit failing.

The roof from afar looks OK, however as you get closer it looks janky. We took the drone across the roofline and it looked mostly good, however there were areas that really made us wince.

The #1 reason why we built NEW was to make sure that I don’t have to deal with a leaky “this” or a broken “that” for a LONG TIME. I don’t have the time or interest in continually fixing things, dealing with a leaky roof or spending time maintaining basic functionality of a brand new home.

During our pre-drywall walkthrough we caught a few items that need fixed.

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