2 weeks and this is all that is done? AKA Thanks Alot Rain! 6/18

So, we returned from a 2 week vacation in FL to find the basement walls put in, some of the basement plumbed, and the basement and garage floors freshly poured. We had abundant rains while we were gone, so it’s possible that is all they could accomplish.

We also noted that all of our pre-built materials for the house had been delivered. Two giant truckloads of wood, panels, shingles, doors, windows and stairs. It’s weird seeing things that are supposed to be inside your home dumped into the muddy ground of what will eventually be your front yard.

We are a bit concerned with the overall look of the lot so far as really nothing has been cleared or graded to any extent. It appears as if our Project Manager, Earl Berry is good at directing traffic of the workers who pound nails and pour concrete, but is somehow powerless to control the destiny of the lots in his charge. Maybe those big graders and such are expensive to rent and therefore aren’t going to come in until the last minute/pre inspection?

We’ve pretty much decided to call in an outside inspector to do a walk-through of our new home prior to closing due to the number of strange oddities that other owners have found with their home – all after the closing. We really like Earl, and in order to stay friends and complete thisĀ  significant financial purchase, we really need a pro to inspect that work. We REALLY want to give them a 5 star rating, and think that an outside inspector will help us do that.

Enjoy the new photos!

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